QINUS Integrate Quality into the Heart of Successful Business that Need to Prove They Consistently Deliver Value Embedded in their Work!
Customer Focused organization
All good businesses place the most value on their customers, constantly striving to build strong, reliable and consistent relationships between their products or services and those that buy them. To stay ahead the business understands the changing needs of their consumers with the aim of constantly exceeding their expectations, installing quality business management systems and controls that ensure that the voice of the consumer is always heard is key to success.
  • Becomes your trusted advisor
  • Provides that touch of quality
  • Are feedback Specialist
  • Builds Quality Assurance
  • Makes products and services that are more saleable


To grow a business, management has to lead by example and inspire others in the organisation.  Maintaining clarity on business objectives, helping others understand the vision and sharing passion can place a strain on leaders.  The application of quality processes takes much of the strain of being consistent and on message. By underpinning the processes within a business in this way, energy can be directed at encouraging growth and give genuine confidence to go for bigger contracts in the knowledge that quality will be delivered at the optimum level.
  • Merge business plans with operational excellence
  • Empowers organisations to go for bigger contracts
  • Generate freedom of thinking in business
  • Acts as your in-house “Business Bobby”

Involvement of People

Quality Management fall to those who apply it on a day to day basis.  Therefore, it is critical that the right people are in the right roles.  With good understanding of the quality requirements within a business you are able to define the best competence levels required to deliver the quality your customers demand.  Implementing quality controls also enables you to engage with key stakeholders, for example, Unions providing the right support for Recruitment, Training and Development through Continual Professional Development (CPD) to ensure that everyone is best qualified for the role they fulfil.

  • Are your expects in integrated quality management systems
  • Integrates people and processes for improved culture
  • Literates talent
  • Is a “Godsend”

Ensuring a Process Approach
At the heart of the successful business is a process approach to quality that is defined as PDCA – Plan – Do – Check – Act -A desired result is achieved more efficiently when activities and related resources are managed as a process.  By optimising resource flow you can turn input into high quality output by qualifying all the sequence of events and interactions and ensuring that all interrelated activities are linked creating a robust and virtuous circle of quality management processes.
  • De-risk systems and processes to take the strain away from managers
  • Becomes a Processes “Best Friend”
  • Embeds quality controls and checks to maintain quality outputs
  • Are attentive to detail

A Systematic Approach to Management
By identifying, understanding and managing interrelated processes as a system, contributes to your organization’s effectiveness and efficiency in achieving your business objectives.  Driving growth relies on keeping your finger on the pulse and seeing where you are going all of the time.  By embedding quality control into your organisation you become empowered through process led feedback.
  • Is a catalyst for improved performance
  • Assist you in improving efficiency to deliver effective results
  • Will drive unity operations to improve your management systems
  • Become your “Intel Inside” your business for Integration

Continual Improvement
Introducing quality controls in your organisation allows you to implement customer led changes to maintain Competitive Advantage.  By installing fit for purpose management systems and implementing full feedback review systems which monitor and measure on –going practices, you are able to apply continual improvement of your business’s overall performance as a permanent objective.
  • Is committed to growth
  • Has a result become the new convention
  • improve their efficiency in delivering effective results
  • Set the Bar for legality and maintenance of it

A Factual Approach to Decision Making
Effective decisions are based on the analysis of data and information.QINUS:  will assist you in establishing formal audit monitoring as this is the key to evaluating the effectiveness of your business management systems. The resulting analysis is used to improve processes where necessary by integrating the people and your finances. This enables business decision making that is totally focused on delivering value to your customers whilst at the same time reducing risks and protecting profit.

Mutually Beneficial Supplier Relationship
Your organization and your suppliers are interdependent and a mutually beneficial relationship enhances the ability to create value. As the focus on performance targets must not just be limited internally QINUS will ensure that your outsourced suppliers adhere to the existing management processes and that they are subject to the same PDCA, rigor that is applied internally to ensure full compliance to the customer delivery expectations.
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